Patient-Centered Approach

Since cancer can affect many aspects of a patient’s overall well-being, we strive to treat the entire patient, not just the cancer, using a Patient-Centered Approach.

That means other specialists and professionals may be brought in to assist with your specific needs, whether it’s a nutritionist to help design a dietary plan to keep you strong during your treatment, or our nurse navigator who can help you and your family navigate the system.

We may also recommend a support group, or some other treatment or therapy designed to meet your unique needs.

It also means that every aspect of our center was designed with your needs and comfort in mind from private rooms to a centralized work station designed for greater efficiency and workflow.

What You Can Expect

When patients first come to the center, they typically receive an initial consultation with a physician who will begin putting together a customized treatment plan that may include radiation, chemotherapy, or a combination of treatments or therapies.

Your Cancer Care Team          

Every patient that comes to the cancer center is paired with a team of specialists. Based on the patient’s individual needs the team may include:

  • Medical Specialists – including the area’s top oncologists, surgeons and support specialists who work collectively to create personalized treatment plans that are right for you.
  • Nurse Navigator – offers guidance and support throughout treatment. Helps to eliminate barriers to timely diagnosis and treatment.
  • Nutritionist – provides customized nutrition plans and guidance as needed.
  • Physical Therapists – help patients maintain strength during treatment or recover after treatment or surgery.
  • Survivor Coordinators – to provide post-treatment support.
  • Tumor Board – An interdisciplinary team that meets the center once a month. Discussed individual patient cases to discuss the best possible course of treatment for that patient.
  • Support Groups – Individuals who know first-hand what you or loved ones are experiencing and can share vital feedback and support.