Medical and Radiation Oncologists
Our experienced medical, radiation and hematology oncologists work closely to ensure the best, most comprehensive cancer care for you. They prescribe treatment plans, monitor progress and help treat any side effects.  An oncologist is a physician specializing in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment.  This includes three primary disciplines:

A radiation oncologist is trained in treating cancer with high-tech radiation therapy.
A medical oncologist treats cancer with chemotherapy. 
A hematologist/oncologist specializes in treating blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma.


Radiation Physicists
A radiation physicist is a trained professional whose primary job is to ensure equipment remains safe and no one is overexposed to radiation. These professionals are highly skilled at monitoring safety with precise measurements and recommending safe doses for patients.


A medical dosimetrist is specially trained in designing actual treatment plans. Using computers and manual calculations, these experts determine which techniques will deliver the proper radiation dose prescribed by radiation oncologists.


Radiation Therapists
Our certified radiation therapists see patients on a daily basis to oversee treatments. Therapists maintain daily records, regularly check machines and report any patient side effects to the nursing staff.


Radiation Oncology and Chemotherapy Nurses
Our certified nurses are here to help ensure treatments are administered safely and competently. They’re available throughout the course of treatment to help patients and family members cope with any difficult changes and manage side effects.