Mary McIntyre’s Story

Mary McIntyre’s Story

After Mary McIntyre completed surgery and chemotherapy for breast cancer in Statesboro, the Vidalia resident faced a follow-up treatment plan including 33 daily radiation sessions. That was back when the cancer center was still preparing for its grand opening. So, with her doctors’ support, Mary actually delayed the beginning of her radiation treatments.

She’s so glad she did.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to tell people to come here over Macon or Atlanta,” she says. “Vidalia is so blessed to have this cancer center here.”

With access to advanced equipment and highly experienced staff, Mary was in and out of each appointment and on with her day in about 15 minutes. No more expensive, time-consuming trips to and from Statesboro. No big disruptions to her daily life. Instead, Mary’s enjoyed the support of her husband, who could easily be by her side for every session without disturbing his work day.

When the center opened its doors in the spring of 2013, it brought innovative cancer treatment to patients in Vidalia and surrounding areas. Mary was among the first to benefit from a new piece of equipment called the Elekta Linear Accelerator, which focuses radiation beams specifically on the size, shape and depth of a tumor, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

“You don’t even know you’re getting the radiation,” Mary said of her experience. “You can’t feel anything or see anything.”

But it wasn’t the tools, advanced as they are, that really got Mary through her treatments with a smile. After all, she notes, they’re just machines without the care and compassion of the staff using them.

“I just love the whole team. Everybody is super supportive and nice, and Dr. Cline takes the time to talk to you and answer your questions. There’s no way I could find enough adjectives to say how I feel about this cancer center. I recommend it to everyone.”

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